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RI Relocations offers this service primarily for businesses wishing to relocate
their staff from one country or area to another.

redsquare Advise companies on the most suitable locations to house their employees
redsquare Advise on budgets and utility costs and charges.
redsquare Shortlist suitable properties
redsquare Meeting with Client's employees – area acclimatisation
redsquare Chauffeur service to collect employee (s) and RI Relocations Advisor to show suitable property from reputable agencies
redsquare Assistance with selection of most suitable property
redsquare Securing the property
redsquare Providing the most suitable Tenancy Agreements if applicable
redsquare Ensuring that Tenant's are protected through the providing of our detailed inventories
redsquare Ensuring that all relevant utilities are correctly transferred
redsquare Guidance for the tenants throughout and at the termination of tenancy